Tree Heritage: Vibrant Plant & Lawn Care in Hertfordshire

We offer comprehensive lawn care Hertfordshire, in addition to an extensive range of planting services to cater to all your needs.

With our expertise, we can help you create a breathtaking outdoor environment that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Lawn Care Hertfordshire: Expertise That Shines

A well-maintained lawn forms the foundation of any stunning garden. As a leading lawn care company, our services are designed to enhance the beauty of you garden and provide you with a healthy, vibrant green space that you can enjoy year-round. Luckily, our skilled professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the local climate and soil conditions, allowing us to offer tailored solutions for your specific lawn requirements.

Whether you need regular maintenance or a complete lawn renovation, we’re here to help. From mowing and edging to aeration and weed/moss control, we employ industry-leading techniques and high-quality equipment to ensure your greenery remains in optimal condition. We also provide fertilisation and irrigation services, offering you a comprehensive approach to lawn care that will leave you with a lush green lawn.

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Vibrant Plants for Every Landscape

The power of plants in transforming an outdoor space cannot be overstated. That’s why we host a vast horticultural selection – including bare root, root ball and potted varieties to cater to your individual preferences. Whether you’re looking for ornamental tree planting, flowering shrubs or perennials, we have the right options to bring colour, texture and life to your garden.

Bare Root: Our range of bare root plants allows you to establish a strong foundation for your landscape. These plants are carefully cultivated and harvested, ensuring they are in their dormant stage for optimal transplanting. With our expertise, we can guide you in selecting the right bare root plants and provide you with the necessary care instructions for their successful growth and establishment.

Root Ball: For more mature plants, our root ball specimens are an excellent choice. These plants are carefully grown in containers, with their root systems intact, allowing for easier transplantation and faster establishment.

Potted: We also offer a large variety of potted plants, ranging from small containers to 1000L specimens. Potted plants provide convenience and versatility, allowing you to add splashes of colour or create focal points. Moreover, our potted shrubs are nurtured with care and attention, ensuring they are healthy and ready to thrive in your landscape.

Lawn care Hertfordshire
Lawns & Planting Hertfordshire

Superior Quality and Unmatched Service

Tree Heritage prioritises quality control and customer satisfaction; we take great pride in supplying only the highest-quality specimens and providing exceptional service to our valued customers. Our lawn care experts carefully select each plant, ensuring they meet our stringent quality standards so that you can rest assured when you choose us, you receive nothing but the best for your garden.

We’re aware that every garden has specific requirements, and each client has an individual vision, which is why we work with you to understand your preferences and design a landscape that reflects your preferred style. Whether you’re aiming for a formal garden or a naturalistic space, our skilled team will make your dream a reality.

In addition to our extensive plant selection and lawn care services, we offer professional advice such as lawn treatment programmes, and site visits to help with ongoing maintenance. We’re always on hand to answer any questions, offer valuable tips and provide guidance so that your garden flourishes for many years to come.

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If you’re in search of professional lawn care Hertfordshire, or a wide range of high-quality plants, look no further than Tree Heritage. Our know-how makes us your one-stop solution for all your horticultural needs. Please contact us today for a free lawn care quote and discover the true potential of your outdoor space with our exceptional services.

With over 50 years of experience as a landscape gardening company specialising in all aspects of lawn care in Hertfordshire, we can help you create a breathtaking outdoor environment.

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Lawns & Planting
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