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Yew hedge planting in Winchmore Hill

We were asked to supply and plant a new yew hedge using potted specimen yews 1.8m to 2m high.The lawn was boarded and each hole was dug using a combination of our mini excavator and hand digging  carefully avoiding the mains gas and water pipes as well as the main power supply and electric gate cables. Once planted the plants were lightly pruned, a drip hose pipe was installed and the area was mulched.

Harmer Green Lane

Planting of a new 1.2 meter high yew hedge to extend an existing hedge along the driveway.

Hadley Wood, box head planting

This planting job entailed complete removal of three established trees including the stumps and roots as simply grinding the stumps would not have been adequate as there would not of been enough room for replanting . Once the area was cleared the length of the run was carefully measured and the spacing of the five hornbeam ‘ box heads ‘ to be planted was calculated . The holes were dug , compost was added and the trees were moved into position so the stems were in a straight line from one end to the other , the trees were back filled and the site was tidied.

The Ridgeway, Cuffley

We were asked too plant two rows of seven box headed trees into the lawn at a residence along the ridgeway in cuffley.The trees were delivered by hiab lorry and the recently laid lawn was covered with plywood sheets to prevent damage to the grass when moving the trees into position.

Burnham Green, Hedge filling

Old ivy and dead plants were removed from this existing hedge , some new whips and some larger hornbeams were then planted to infill the gaps.

Heath Drive, Hampstead, Yew hedge planting

An old privet hedge and featheredge fence was removed from the boudry of this residence and replaced with 105 root balled yew plants creating an instant screen.

Datchworth Drive Planting

We planted twenty six Thuja occidentalis smaragd at five meter spacings along this country house driveway

St Ippollitts Garden, Nr Hitchin

At this garden we added a brick edged shrub bed and used bricks laid as basket weave and stretcher bond to construct a patio area and four planting areas that were edged with box plants to form clipped low hedges. A water feature consisting of a single jet of water was added in the centre of the planting area.