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It is generally more economical to plant bare rooted or root balled plants as these tend to be cheaper than potted equivilants. It is also less stressful for the plant to be planted during the planting season as the plants are dormant during this period. The plants transplant with less disturbance as their growing requirements are at their lowest.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs provide all year round foliage ideal for screening and obscuring views as well as adding winter interest to a garden. Some forms of shrub can be used for hedging for example laurel, yew, privet, portugese laurel, box, pyracantha and escalonia.

Deciduous Shrubs

Decidicous shrubs provide differing foliage colours and shapes, flowers and berries to enlighten the gardens of this fine country. variying growth habits, ground cover to upright growing forms.