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Tree heritage is a long established, nationwide serving nursery located in Hertford with a wide range of trees and shrubs from bare root whips (available November - March) upto 1000 litre specimens. Individual plants to large quantities for landscaping projects.

If we do not have your plants in stock we will endevour to source them from our large network of suppliers. We can supply only, supply and deliver or supply, deliver and plant all on a nationwide basis.

The nursery is open to the public - should you wish to call in, or why not email or fax your requirements to us and we will get back to you with a quote.

Planting Tips

When planting it is essential not to plant the tree or shrub too deep as this will ultimately result in the failure of the plant. For potted plants, ensure that the top of the existing soil around the roots is visible or at most a light covering of new soil.

Bare rooted plants should be planted at the nursery mark where they were previously planted. This is often noticiable due to the colour change of the wood where it changes from the stem to the root system when planting root balled plants always leave the hessian sacking and the wire cage on, only loosen around the stems.

Staking of root balled and container grown plants should be carried out before backfilling, so to avoid staking through the root system.

Once planted keep the soil moist but not soaked as too much water can drown the tree. This is particulaly common in clay soils and the trees and shrubs may not recover. Do not rely on rainfall to keep the plants watered as newly planted trees and shrubs do not have the root structure to gather enough water on their own. Also the leaves act as a canopy over the roots and this area remains dry.

Evergreen Trees

We supply a large range of evergreen trees for screening those unwanted sites or providing privacy.

Leylandii, although not everyones best friend is still widely used, due to its rapid growth and poor reputation we are now finding Thuja Plicata is being used more often due to its slower growth and aesthetics.

As an alternative to conifers, there are options such as Photinia Red Robin, Privet (Ligustrum), Bay, Laurel, Euonymus, Evergreen Oak some of these options also produce berries and flowers for added interest.

Feathered and Multi-stemmed Trees

Feathered trees are used when lower screening is required as the branches start at the base of the single stem to the top of the tree. Most of our range of trees at Tree Heritage are available in a feathered form.

Multi-stemmed trees can also be used in scenarios where full height screening is required. They also provide year round interest with colourful bark and beautiful silhouettes. Some popular multi-stemmed trees are silver birch, cherry, maples and amelanchiers.

Standard Trees

Standard trees generally have a clear stem height of 1.8m. This is to enable people to walk under the canopy and so the lower branches start at or above the average fence or wall height. Most trees that we supply are available in a standard form, both deciduous and evergreens, up to specimen size.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are by far the largest selection available. Some providing autumn colour, flowers and berries.

We supply native / indigenous trees as well as ornamental varieties. Beech, Hornbeam, Birch, Lime, Oak, are just some of the many available.

Fruit Trees

We have a small range fruit trees avaible, bare rooted in the autumn. We genereally stock easy to grow fruit trees that require little attention and self pollination. Trees such as apple, pear, cherry, plum are all for sale. We can source specific varieties to your requirements.