Introducing Tree Heritage: Tree Nursery & Landscapers in Hertfordshire

Tree Heritage, a cherished family-run enterprise, traces its roots back to 1970 when it embarked on its humble journey as a small garden nursery dedicated to nurturing hedging plants

Through unwavering dedication and a relentless commitment to quality, we swiftly blossomed into a sprawling 10-acre nursery renowned for curating an extensive assortment of bespoke trees and shrubs, encompassing an impressive variety. In the course of our growth, we nurtured a team of consummate professionals who have mastered the art of landscaping, offering an all-encompassing garden solution
As leading landscapers in Hertfordshire, our array of services range from visionary design and meticulous clearance to planting, tree surgery, maintenance and awe-inspiring landscaping that leaves no detail unattended. With us, the canvas of your garden transforms into a haven adorned with exquisite features like enchanting ponds, inviting patios and more.

A new home for Tree Heritage

Over time, there has been a change in how people acquire trees and shrubs, causing us to change as well.

As we say goodbye to being a nursery that’s open to everyone, we’re now excited to welcome customers to come and see our brand-new, beautiful nursery. However, visits will be arranged by appointment only.

Sometimes, we’ll also kindly invite you to come and see some of our available items at our other nursery called Crown Topiary, conveniently located on North Road in Hertford.

Delivering your trees and shrubs - on time, every time

We’re pleased to provide a convenient solution by sourcing and delivering any trees or shrubs you might need. From fruit trees to hedging plants, if we haven’t already grown them we can source them and deliver them for you.

Our responsive team of skilled landscapers are on hand to offer advice and quickly respond with a quote that perfectly matches your vision.

About us
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